Company Sees +28% Year over Year Connected TV Growth; Announces

Addition of New FAST Channels through Partnership with Curiosity

Stream, Launching on Samsung TV Plus


New FAST Channels to Include Curiosity Español,

Curiosity Animales and Curiosity Motores


Hallmark Channel Content in Spanish-Language to Launch Cross-

Platform on EstrellaTV App and EstrellaTV Linear Channels


May 1, 2023 – LOS ANGELES, CA – Estrella MediaCo, a leading multi-platform

Spanish-language media company serving the vital U.S. Hispanic audience,

presented information on the content and mindset driving digital consumers at its

2024 IAB NewFronts presentation today. Announcements presented during the

presentation included the company’s +28% year-over-year Connected TV (CTV)

growth, and the partnership with leading cultural documentary service Curiosity

Stream. Estrella will program three new Curiosity Stream content channels in

Spanish, which will launch first on Samsung TV Plus: Curiosity Español, CuriosityAnimales and Curiosity Motores. The presentation was made by Steve Mandala,

Chief Revenue and Local Media Officer, and René Santaella, Chief Digital and

Streaming Officer. EstrellaTV’s anchor and host, Nour Milla, presented audience



    • Mandala said, “We are a content company first, with strong distribution

platforms making the content available anywhere at anytime for our fans.

Our content strategy of focusing on the brand of ‘topical entertainment’

focuses us on how we entertain and inform – from our reality and

competition shows, personality and pop culture series, and our award-

winning news that has tremendous impact during this election year.”

    • “We have led the FAST Spanish-language expansion in the industry, and this

      is an exciting moment of growth for us,” said Santaella. “We are widely

      distributed on FAST, and our app continues to have tremendous organic

      growth. We achieved an increase of almost 30% in reach across our channels

      in 2023, and that comes from our laser focus on being best-in-class in

      streaming distribution.”

Key takeaways:

    • Estrella had +28% year over year growth in uniques across its CTV platforms,

including 13mm aggregated CTV viewers.

    • Estrella has partnered with leading documentary media company Curiosity

Stream to curate three new Spanish-language FAST channels that will

premiere on SamsungTV Plus in 2024, including:

o Curiosity Español – the gateway to discovering all that the universe has

to offer and always leading with questions.

o Curiosity Animales – brings us closer to the magical animal kingdom

and the inspiring world of animals.

o Curiosity Motores – an adrenaline rush for all types of motor

enthusiasts, by land, air, sea and even space.• EstrellaTV FAST channel is now available on Samsung TV Plus in Mexico.

    •  Estrella will be cross-platforming leading Hallmark Channel content in

Spanish-language on its app and linear channels. Over 90 titles will be

available on the app, with weekend programming of select titles featured on

EstrellaTV linear.

    • Estrella will also be platforming 300 hours of content from leading

Spanish-language media provider Hemisphere on the EstellaTV app.

    • The company will launch an optimized refresh of its EstrellaTV app in May

delivering an all new experience for content discovery, streaming live TV and

radio, personalized recommendations and creating fandoms within the app

around its biggest brands that will increase engagement and repeat


    • Estrella’s FAST channels are EstrellaTV, Estrella News, Estrella Games, Cine

EstrellaTV, and the forthcoming Curiosity Español, Curiosity Motores and

Curiosity Animales channels.

    • Estrella FAST channels can be seen on: EstrellaTV App, FireTV News App,

Freevee, Amazon Prime Video, FuboTV, Google TV, LG Channels, Local Now,

Plex, PlutoTV, The Roku Channel, Samsung TV Plus, SlingTV, Tubi, Vizio

Watchfree, TCL, Xumo, and Xfinity.


Estrella MediaCo is a trade name of MediaCo Operations LLC.


Hanna Bolte, Estrella MediaCo; 310-497-5586


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